Diana Godoy:

Diana is a graduate of William Amos Hough High School and will attend UNC-Chapel Hill this fall. Diana has impressively managed a busy schedule of AP classes, volunteering, and working part-time at Smoothie King. She credits her determination and work ethic to her mother, who immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic. Diana will be the fifth of her four older siblings to attend college.

Diana is a true embodiment of what the Laura Whittaker Warming Hearts Scholarship represents. Her guidance counselor remarked, “What separates Diana from her peers has been her character, maturity, and kindness. She’s recognized a great need in our school community and acted upon it. She has the maturity to identify her own strengths and realizes she has the power to positively contribute to a cause that goes beyond herself.” There are many students who have recently immigrated from other countries, and in some cases, escaped dangerous living situations, who enroll in Diana’s high school. Diana has exhibited selflessness and gone above and beyond to assist these classmates by offering help with translating, tutoring, and connecting socially. This commitment to helping others is a testament of her patience, kindness, and empathy – all of which are traits Laura Whittaker represents.

Henna Patel:

Henna is a graduate of South Mecklenburg High School and will also attend UNC-Chapel Hill this fall, where she intends to study Biology and Psychology. She has a passion to help others, and has a goal of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. Henna has volunteered a number of hours with the Red Cross and has demonstrated herself as a leader by becoming the Co-President of her school’s FBLA chapter and a Winter Guard Captain. In anticipation of pursuing a career in health sciences, she has elected to man-age a rigorous schedule of high-level AP Classes.

Henna’s family has instilled in her the values of hard work and helping others. Her parents were born and raised in India, and came to America seeking better opportunities. Henna described in her essay that her parents “…worked hard their whole life to ensure my success, and I want that to mean something. I am driven to work hard in school to make my parents proud and, most of all, to better myself. I want to be able to take advantage of the opportunities they never had. I am the child of the American dream and would not want it any other way.” Henna does not take success for granted and understands the power of education in achieving one’s goals. Henna’s leadership, perseverance, and passion to help others make her a perfect recipient for the Laura Whittaker Warming Hearts Scholarship.

The name Warming Hearts was an easy choice. Our Motto at Hands N Feet is to “warm the hands and feet of our neighbors in need”. When we decided to name our Scholarship program in honor of Laura, it only made sense to name it the Warming Hearts Scholarship. Because there was no warmer heart than Laura Whittaker’s, and she warmed the hearts of everyone she came in contact with.

Laura was raised in Charlotte as the 3rd of four children and displayed an early interest in understanding people and the cultures that surround them. One of her siblings, is our Director of Account Management, Jeff Whittaker, who has been with Flores as more of a family member than employee, for over a decade. As such, the Whittaker family became a part of our family. Therefore, we are honored to keep her legacy alive by naming our scholarship in Laura’s name.

Laura was a woman to admire. She pursued work and career with the same openness she brought to school and relationships, always seeking opportunity and adventure, more for the experience than personal gain. She was joyful, and warm, but also strong-willed; always willing to stand up for what she believed, always firm in her convictions. She lived life the way she wanted with a maturity beyond her years. She lived life the way others wished they had the courage to.

Sadly, we all lost Laura to the unrelenting ravages of cancer, a challenge she faced with courage and resolve. Self-assured and confident to the end, Laura was ever hopeful and never one to quit – her caring attitude will long be remembered as among the most defining elements of her legacy. Through every up and down in her two-year battle with cancer, Laura smiled. She loved. She put others first. Laura would be honored to know that the support of others in her name helps to warm the hearts of those in need.

Laura will forever be remembered for the inspiring, graceful, and caring example she set, an example that warmed the hearts of so many she touched. Through the Warming Hearts Scholarship program, Laura’s legacy will positively impact those less fortunate in our community and our future recipients will embody the goal, to Live Like Laura.

We’d like to thank the Whittaker family for being here today. For being a part of our family, for bringing Laura into our lives, and for allowing us the honor to carry on her name through the efforts of the Hands N’ Feet Foundation.

‘LLL’ “Live Like Laura”


The scholarships are awarded to Mecklenburg County School students who graduate high school in the current school year, and plan to enroll in an institution of higher learning in the fall of the same year (4-year or 2-year program).

How to Apply

Applicants should apply online using the link below. Applicants will be asked to supply:

  • Contact information
  • Academic/Personal achievements
  • Current high school transcript
  • Personal essay (prompts provided)
  • Family financial information
  • Two letters of reference*
  • Letter of acceptance from the institution you will attend

A phone interview will be required if selected to move to the final round of the scholarship decision process. All requested information must be included. Incomplete or late applications will be disqualified.

Mail or Deliver to:

  • 1218 S Church Street
  • CHARLOTTE, NC 28203
  • Scholarship:

    $2,500 to pursue a 2-year or 4-year undergraduate degree

  • Number Available:


  • Deadline:

    March 31, 2018

  • Notified of Results:

    by June 2018

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